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Jayson K. Jolivette

TX Master Electrician # 189620

TX Electrical Contractor # 33667

Fully Insured

I am located in South Denton. Ready to be of service !

If you are in search of an honest and qualified electrician, here I am. Being based in South Denton, I can help you from South Denton to Argyle to Corinth.

Click on this link to see my work area.

Thank you

I currently have a full time job and sometimes am hard to pin down but I promise to return your call, text, or email and help you if I can.

Probably the 2 most important things you need to know about me are, I am an electrical wizard AND when I come into your house, I recognize that it is YOUR HOME.

Also, my overhead is really low and I have an old school conscience so I will save you money.

Dedicated to safe and quality electrical work, and reasonable pricing.

For real !


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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